tsukki tea time

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"Poor Bucky. Going places with pre-serum Steve must feel like walking a chihuahua with aggression issues."

cleaned up a sketch from early may, based on this post, because it was a super cute idea and i’m a sucker for scrappy pre-serum steve

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[commence gross and heartbreaking sobbing]

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… My little sister just called me a fart as I posted this. B|

BUT YES. Here’s her reaction to episode 3 of Eternal Summer! She’s really enjoying this season so far and I couldn’t be happier! She really looks forward to watching the episodes every week… even if she doesn’t understand what’s going on just yet. … But once again, her constant badgering of Fish Master persists. Oops.

More reactions can be found here!

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being “cute” is really hard because even when youre angry people just kinda giggle at you and say “aw youre so cute when youre angry.” no. stop. recognize my power. image

best gif use ever 

its still fucking adorable 

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Free!つめ6 | 美和 
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Paintings in detail - Thomas Cole + Clouds

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